Purple Seamoss w/ Burdock Root, Elderberries & Shilajit

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Purple Seamoss w/ Burdock Root, Elderberries & Shilajit

If you need sea moss, I have the purple kind! lThey are 16oz. jars. Will last for 30 days. Take at least 1-2 Tsp a day. Keep in the refrigerator. What is it good for? Energy, Constipation, Skin problems, blood pressure, viruses, thyroid issues, arthritis, fertility issues, high in antioxidants, great for strengthening bones, teeth and hair, builds your immune system, slows down the aging process, the natural viagra…lol. My seamoss comes from Saint Lucia and is wild harvested. It is also blended with alkaline water, burdock root, elderberries and shilajit which is a great blood purifier, great for diabetes, losing weight, power house filled with all the minerals a body needs, cancer fighting, fights alzheimer’s disease and dementia plus so much more! 

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