One Nation Under Wrapz

  • Guardian Wrap & Mask Set
  • Muthaland Butter & Scrub
  • Muthaland Hand Soap

Wrap Up & Give Back in Style

Headwrapz United brings One Nation Under Wrapz uniting all women to express their individual style while protecting their royal crowns. Beautifully made head wraps are inspired by the seven continents of the world. Your purchase supports the cure for Ovarian Cancer and honoring the life of Lexi Holland who was a very strong young woman. She never gave up the fight and kept her faith in God until she returned to Him at the age of 22 on September 3, 2016.

I was inspired to create Headwrapz United because of my daughter Lexi, who lost all her hair when going through chemo. Her hair was her pride. It was beautiful and she was hurt when it all came out. I remember taking her to the barber shop convincing her to just cut it short so she wouldn't have to go through the stress of seeing it fall. So I begin looking for cute turbans and wraps for her to wear when attending her college classes. So many women like her are dealing with hair loss. However, when you are going through a transition of any kind, wearing a head wrap will bring joy to your day. I smile more and I become creative when I wear my head wrap. My hidden treasure is underneath.

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