Kunzite Crystal Bracelet 8mm

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Kunzite Crystal Bracelet 8mm

When you work with kunzite, love is surely on the way, as this deeply spiritual and healing stone excels at spreading a loving vibration to every corner of life. associated with the heart chakra, as well as the throat, third eye, and crown chakra, kunzite is ideal for removing emotional blockages that prevent the heart from moving forward.

Those who have experienced past trauma or have felt like they were required to grow up too quickly may highly benefit from this stone, as it restores lost trust and innocence through its nurturing and calming energy. With this stone, old wounds can be gently addressed, better understood, accepted, and then dissolved, as one learns to release negative feelings, panic, or fear about themselves or the future.

Ultimately, working with this stone helps to balance emotions and boost self-love so that you can step into a place of trust and openness, and align yourself with the energy of universal love. Kunzite will strengthen heart muscles and boost your circulatory system. It will also be helpful to your skeletal and muscular system. It's a good stone that can assist you with your anxiety and depression. It can help you battle your addictions and your body deal with the effects of quitting your addictions.
It’s also a stone that can bring the wearer lots of blessings, good luck, and prosperity. Wearing this stone will bless you with good fortune.

Color: pale pink to violet
Chakra: heart
Element: water
Number: 7
Associated signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

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