Astrophyllite Crystal Bracelet 8mm

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Astrophyllite Crystal Bracelet 8mm

Astrophyllite is an awe-inspiring stone that radiates energy and light. Many believe that the properties of this crystal are so strong that it imbues your system with light and prevents darkness from enveloping you.
It is often seen as a first-rate crystal and go-to choice for physical healers. Many acupuncture therapists and meditators swear by the stone’s ability to treat a litany of ailments.

From a physical standpoint, it’s said to flush out toxins and impurities that build up over time. Toxins can accumulate in the body over time based on your environment or lifestyle. Many believe that emotional traumas and hardships can contribute to harmful toxins as well.

Astrophyllite is said to flush those toxins right out of your body! As a result, many use this crystal with the intention of enhancing hormonal systems and reproductive systems. Healers regularly turn to this stone to help others find relief from PMS-related ailments, improve fertility, and more.

Other organ systems are said to benefit from Astrophyllite exposure, too. In many healing circles, it’s used to address simple issues like bloating and digestion problems. However, some say that it can also improve the functions of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver!

All of the positive light energy that’s contained within the crystal is believed to improve your body on a cellular level as well. The theory is that Astrophyllite can strengthen the overall cell structure while regulating cellular fluid. As a result, some individuals seek out this stone with the intention of enhancing nerve function!

Overall, many consider Astrophyllite to be the quintessential crystal for physical healing. Due to the potency of the stone, a lasting positive impact on the body is often reported.


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